Ramda Guide's Build System

By Robert W. Pearce
Published at 2021-03-19T01:45:00Z

Ramda Guide is officially in the works now!

"Why the delay?"

Apart from having a little girl 5 months ago, battling illness, managing other open source projects, and trying to study computer science so I can attempt a Masters program next year, I wanted to expand my coding horizons and opportunities by learning Rust.

For this project, I wanted to:

Naturally, I was slightly disatisfied with everything I came across for my use case (although zola was nearly there), and I decided to write a static site generator, hull, in Rust to handle everything I needed.

I haven't abstracted hull to a standalone project yet, but you can see the source code at github.com/rpearce/ramda.guide/.

There is still work to be done, though, but at least I can begin!

In addition to writing, some "to dos":