Community Resources

There are a lot of great articles and resources out there, and Iain's list (see below) should cover most of your needs. If you'd like to see something on this page, feel free to open an issue, and we can discuss getting it added!

  • Iain Freestone's Ramda: My library of resources is an impressive compendium of blog posts, videos, podcasts, REPLs, Ramda-related libraries / tools, examples, and more.
  • Dave Sancho's Learn Ramda project is fun and helpful, for it uses dropdown selects and English sentences to help you find a function based on your needs, and it tells you how to use it.
  • ramda-adjunct bills itself as "the most popular and most comprehensive set of functional utilities for use with Ramda, providing a variety of useful, well tested functions with excellent documentation". It is filled with useful helper functions that make working with Ramda even easier.
  • (Shameless plug) My Ramda Chops series has a few of articles that might help you with currying, function composition, map, filter, & reduce, as well as a lengthy article on implementing your own functional programming-style map function. We'll be covering most of that content here, as well, as it was the inspiration for this guide!